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Meet Best Choice Roofing, the flat roofing specialist from Pulborough with installation, maintenance and repair services available across the whole of the West Sussex area. This is a service offered for domestic and residential builds, sheds, outbuildings, porches, garages and even industrial units. A call to our roofers will result in a timely visit, assessment and quotation with safety factored in as our main priority.

We are also one of very few companies to cover the Horsham, Storrington and Worthing areas, and all surrounding parts of the county, with flat roofing conversion services which provide your home with a warmer energy-efficient installation.

You can also use us for conservatory roof replacements.

Best Choice Roofing can use a range of materials on flat roofs which we will recommend based on the condition of the existing structure, the type of build, the best materials for the job and how much you wish to spend on an installation or repair.


Felt Roofing

For a genuine value-added service, our roofers recommend that you use a high-performance base layer roofing felt such as those available from Pro Torch or Icopal. These flat roofing materials come with an impressive guarantee of 25 years. Unlike hot asphalt application systems, three-layered torch-on felts only require melting to the deck with a blowtorch.

We remove the existing materials from your flat roof, making repairs to the deck or replacing it before applying your chosen product. Felt comes in a range of mineral finishes.

Torch-on felt roofing is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways for customers in Horsham, Storrington, Worthing or West Sussex to have flat roofing replaced or reroofed


Liquid Rubber Roofing

This is a one-coat application system widely used for flat roof repairs. Offering a quality finish at an affordable price to protect properties against leaks, the consistency of liquid rubber roofing makes it easy to apply and the coating is flexible enough to fit around awkward shapes and contours. It is a material that adheres well to a wide range of substrates.

The method requires no primer, applies fast, is UV stable and our roofers can cover in areas of up to 1kg/m².


EPDM Rubber Roofing

EPDM rubber is a durable synthetic rubber membrane used on flat roofing and low-sloped structures. It is an ethylene propylene diene monomer derived from natural gas and oil. A choice of widths makes this membrane easy to install across roofs of all sizes. We fully adhere or mechanically attach EPDM rubber, sealing with liquid adhesives or specialist tape.

With a long life expectancy, EPDM rubber is hardwearing and it resists heat, cold temperatures and ultraviolet light well.

GRP Fibreglass Roofing

GRP is a glass-reinforced plastic material commonly referred to as fibreglass roofing. Again, it is a popular choice for flat roofing and one that our roofers consider to be a high-end product. The system consists of mats with glass fibre strands which apply with a resin and a topcoat. The resin reinforces the strength of this premium roofing material.

Customers in Horsham, Storrington, Worthing and all areas in West Sussex can also expect long lifetime guarantees from a GRP roofing installation, often in excess of 30 years.

Best Choice Roofing can also use hot asphalt adhesive, cold asphalt adhesive, non-asphalt adhesive and torch-on or hot air application methods, or a combination of them all. We can supply edges, caps and fasteners for all flat roofing systems.

Please contact us to find out more.


Call our roofers on 01798 673410 (Pulborough), 01403 390040 (Horsham) or 01903 773699 (Worthing) for services across all parts of West Sussex including Storrington.
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